Pig Lube Knife Lubricant 1 oz

Pig Lube Knife Lubricant 1 oz

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Pig Lube Knife Lubricant is a premium grade knife lubricant that combines cutting edge nanoparticle lubrication technology with the tried-and-true gold standard for lubrication from the past.

Using a sonic infusion process, Pig Lube blends purified pig fat and nanotechnology particles. Together, they create a microscopic layer of ball bearings proven to be the best solution for corrosion resistance. Torture tested, Pig Lube Knife Lubricant provides incredible temperature stability from the lowest of low temps to hotter than you'll want to handle. No matter what conditions you are running your knife in, Pig Lube will protect, preserve, and keep your knife running as good as day one for years to come.

Pig Lube is well known and respected gun lube and has now specifically reformulated to serve the knife community with this high-performance nanoparticle knife lube.