The Science Behind the Fun:

We've received quite a few questions regarding the composition of Pig Lube. Although the blend and mixture is proprietary, we figured we would give you as much as we possibly could, so here it goes:

Pig Lube is a premium grade firearm lubricant that is made of just a few ingredients. Simple, yet highly technical. The key components of Pig Lube are as follows:

  1. Purified Pig Fat
  2. Premium Grade Synthetic Oil
  3. Nano Particle Technology

The key to making our bacon based lubricant work is the synthesized bacon grease. Sure, it would be easier and allot more fun to just cook and eat a bunch of bacon and bottle the leftovers, but we took it MUCH farther.

Pig Lube is NOT just bottled Bacon Grease

 Our process for synthesizing the bacon grease is unparalleled. We use a process that removes all salts, sugars and contaminants from the all natural animal fat, stabilizing the grease and preventing it from becoming rancid. The synthesizing process also increases the flash point of the bacon grease, meaning that the point at which the bacon grease will burn and turn into smoke and ash is so high that, quite frankly you will never reach it inside the action of a firearm. Of course, we tested it in a lab, but in true Pig Lube fashion, we also tested it in a full auto M16 running 100 round drum mags back to back until we ran out of ammo and nearly burned through a pair of gloves. Synthesizing the grease also lowers the temp at which the bacon grease solidifies, so it retains its lubricant properties at temperatures well below zero.  

Bacon grease (after all of the corrosive properties are removed through our synthesizing process of course!) is actually a really decent lubricant on its own and has been used in machining and large equipment for decades. But we didn't stop there....

As a carrier for our Bacon Grease, we use a high grade, synthetic oil. It is the most minor of our components, but we made sure not to cut corners. We won't tell you the exact formula of our oil, but we will tell you that it is the same oil that an automotive brand that rhymes with 'Berrari' uses in their Formula One race cars. Google it - you'll find it. It comes with a high price tag, but it is well worth it. We didn't select it because Ferrari uses it, (well crap, the cat is out of the bag now) we buy a special formula made to match the properties and weight of the synthesized bacon grease, so that when we use the homogenizer to blend the mixture (this is like the machine that pharmaceutical companies use to permanently blend oils in water bases and was VERY expensive) the materials NEVER separate.

The meeting surfaces of your slide and rail as seen through a microscope

 Last but most definitely not least is our Nano Particle Technology. Pictured above are the surfaces of your slide and rails on a microscopic level. It is full of holes, grooves and imperfections. Most lubricants only offer a thin liquid/grease barrier in high friction areas, usually between the two metal surfaces. This is fantastic as long as the lubricant lives on those surfaces, but all too often lubricant is removed by heat, wear, sloughing, and displacement within the first few mags.

Nano particles are about 10^2 larger than atoms 

Our Nano Particle Technology solves this problem by impregnating the microscopic grooves on the metal surface with tiny tiny tungsten carbide "ball bearings."  These particles work themselves into the smallest of surface imperfections and simulate a solid surface with glass like smoothness and a layer or two of tungsten carbide "ball bearings." In the event that the carrier oil is displaced, Pig Lube retains its lubricating properties by remaining embedded in the surface of your moving parts and acting as tiny tiny ball bearings in high friction areas.

So even though we are focused on putting the fun back in shooting, Pig Lube is the most technically advanced gun lube on the market today and sure to run better than anything else you have ever used in your gun.