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Pig Lube Range Kit
Pig Lube

Pig Lube Range Kit

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The Pig Lube Range Kit comes complete with everything you need to keep the range day fun going all day and never have to call it early because of a dirty gun or even poorly manufactured ammunition. The Pig Lube Range kit is the ideal EDC cleaning/ squib malfunction clearing kit. The compact size of the range kit makes it easy to keep in your range bag or glove box so that you always have it close by and ready. 

The Pig Lube Range Kit comes complete with:

  • 7 Copper rods, 35" of total length with one swivel end to interface with your handle
  • Cleaning handle
  • Green Breech Flag/Chamber Indicator
  • 5 Star pattern swabs for AR15 Barrel Extension
  • Copper/Steel brush for cleaning AR15 Barrel Extension and 5.56/.223 Chamber
  • 9mm Copper Brush
  • .40 Cal Copper Brush
  • .45 Cal Copper Brush
  • Steel Straight pick
  • Steel Angled Pick
  • Swab Loop
  • Cleaning Patches
  • .5 oz Pig Lube Scented


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