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Put the fun back in Shooting with Pig Lube

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Here at Pig lube we are serious about having fun. Few things are more fun than going out shooting with friends. But too often it is spoiled by that guy that thinks he knows EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING 'cause his dad was a certified RSO back in 'Nam. At pig lube we want to encourage everyone to go out and have a great time shooting and learning and becoming better shooters. That's why we created Pig Lube, to keep your guns running smooth and your crew American as &[email protected]!. Because we know that even the most serious among us secretly loves going to the...

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Introducing Pig Lube - The Best Gun Lubricant on the Market

  Introducing Pig Lube! The only firearm lubricant in the world with Nano Particle Technology and Bacon Scent!  Now you might not care about the bacon scent (which makes it the most fun gun lube ever) and if you don't, we have an unscented version for you. But what you should care about is the Nano Particle Technology.  Every tube of Pig Lube contains millions of 4-6 nanometer sized-particles, suspended in a proprietary blend of non-tacky biodegradable oil. The nano particles “creep” into the mechanisms of the weapon loosening dirt and debris and leaving a self-healing thin layer of protection behind, which...

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